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 Vreai acc pe #mdfriends ? 2007: Interested in being an Op?

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MesajSubiect: Vreai acc pe #mdfriends ? 2007: Interested in being an Op?   Dum Aug 05, 2007 1:57 am

Requirements to become an operator in #mdfriends

* Know how to use X (basic channel & op commands)
* Know how to set and remove bans
* Know how to read/isolate ip's and dns hosts
* Know how to lock/unlock a channel during a flood
* Know some basics about eggdrop bots
* Be polite
* Be online regularly
* Speak english
* Have an open mind
* Be active in the public channel
* Live in a timezone we lack coverage in
* Not be operator in several other channels

If you aspire to join the op ranks it is generally not a good idea to make it a continuous subject. We understand if you ask *once* what the chances are and what you need to do to become an operator. However, if the subject comes up on and on again we get tired and will dismiss you as a possible candidate.

One of the things we look for are active talkers. If you have spent time with us and are somewhat known around the general channel population, you have a better chance at becoming an op. Once there is an opening position we will contact the person(s) we feel have earned a place and will then make a vote. Majority decision counts.

We might not be looking just for computer and irc wizards, but for the nice and jovial chatter. I personally like to have a channel with both tech people and social people. Usually people have a little of both.




Pentru doritorii de acces pe canalul #Mdriends.
Cum pe #MyFriends nu exista o regula in adaugarea de access in afara de regula "Managerului" nu promitem ca veti si obtine access daca postati aici.
Fiecare care doreste access trebu sa stie ca e o responsabilitate ci nu op deop si se ea in considerare ajutorul canalului cu inlargirea comunitatii canalului se va premia dupa anumit timp. E necesar sa stiti comenzile la X.
In cel mai bun caz va veti face cunoscuta dorinta si POATE POATE cand va fi nevoie, [Administratorul] va va adauga.
Pentru ca totul sa fie ok si sa aiba de unde alege va sfatuiesc sa lasati urmatoarele informatii:
de ce vreti access?:

In final mai subliniem o data faptul ca administratia canalului este in masura sa NU dea nici un fel de explicatii in legatura cu orice decizii luate in privinta oricarei cereri, iar incercarile de a obliga administratorii sa-si motiveze deciziile, SE PEDEPSESC fara nici o preintimpinare.

La fel modificarea accessu-lui se va petrece de catre managerul canalului adica " eu " si se va petrece 60 din 60 de zile !

Va dorim Succes !
Apelsin4ik Wink
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Vreai acc pe #mdfriends ? 2007: Interested in being an Op?
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